General rules

  1. Although the research does not indicate side effects of using cannabinoid-based products, each time we recommend consulting a doctor who will indicate the suggested dose. However, if you decide to start therapy without consulting a doctor, consider factors such as age and weight. Divide the suggested doses indicated below by two for people under 16 years of age or weighing less than 45 kg.

  2. Products containing the "full" spectrum of cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBDA, CBC) or even the two basic CBD and CBG produce much better results than those containing only CBD, as they intensify their effects. Many sources indicate that CBD is the most important, however, scientific research shows that the simultaneous presence of CBG or CBC in the product (at least 1:20, e.g., 20% CBG and 1% CBG) significantly increases the effectiveness of the product.

  3. The concentration of the product you choose has no special significance - a lower concentration will require you to take more of the product, and a larger amount of less. Cannabinoid-based products are dosed in mg - i.e., to take the same dose of a given cannabinoid, we must use 2 times more 10% oil drops than 20%. For prophylactic applications, we recommend products with a concentration of 10% CBD and 3% CBG; for chronic and moderate conditions: 20% CBD and 1% or 3% CBG; in case of serious health problems: premium products based on olive oil or raspberry seed oil. Of course, the above are only our suggestions and nothing prevents you from choosing a product according to your preferences.

  4. Choose only products with test certificates. It is important that the certificate is not issued by the internal laboratory of the company supplying the hemp products.

How to dose CBD?


Due to the rapid use of cannabinoids delivered to the body, it is recommended to take hemp products 2-3 times a day. Beginning of the treatment in the case of prophylactic use, e.g., with oils, should start with a dose of up to 8 mg per day. For example, one of our main products: "PREMIUM hemp oil (November 2019 series)" in one drop (0.029 ml, 25mg - the drop size may change depending on how the drop is squeezed out or the temperature of the product; for exact dosing, we recommend the use of dedicated pharmacy pipettes) contains the following amounts of cannabinoids:

CannabinoidLevel (%)Amount (mg)
bottle 10ml~1 drop
CBD 22.3 189.55 4.73875
CBDA 0.8 6.8 0.17
CBDV 0.1 0.85 0.02125
CBG 1.2 10.2 0.255
CBGA 0.1 0.85 0.02125
CBC 1.7 14.45 0.36125
CBN 1.5 12.75 0.31875
BCP 0.1 0.85 0.02125
THC 0.17 1.45 0.03625
THCA 0.02 0.17 0.00425
THCV 0.01 0.09 0.00225

The way of receiving

  1. CBD oils - apply orally under the tongue the desired amount of oil, leave it under the tongue (due to the best absorption) for 90 seconds and swallow, optionally with a drink.

Dosage in special cases

When using the following values, please consider the rules for children and lighter people (under 45 kg). Each time, we also recommend consulting a doctor who is up to date with current research in the field of cannabinoid use in medicine.

Pain prevention

Within 10 days of the dose described at the beginning, we should go to the dose of 20-30 mg per day. (e.g. 3 drops of CBD Premium oil or another oil with CBD20% and CBG at least 1% in the morning and evening).


We recommend starting the therapy with a starting dose of 8 mg a day and go to 20 - 40 mg a day within 10 days.


We can start the treatment with a dose of about 50 mg a day and reach about 200 - 300 mg a day after 10 days. The recommended treatment period is 4-5 months.

Huntington's disease

The dose suggested by the research depends on the weight - we recommend starting with a dose of 50 mg, and then reaching the dose of 8-10 mg for each kilogram of weight. A person weighing 60 kg should ultimately take a dose of 480-600 mg per day for about 5-7 weeks, after which the dose should be reduced by 50-70%.


To maintain predictable thinking, improve contact with the environment, the suggested doses are in the wide range of 50 - 1200 mg / day administered for one month. In this case, it is best to use e.g., CBD oil 20% + CBG 1% or 3%.